Morning Thoughts- The Pagan Tarot Part 2

Good Morning dear readers! It’s a gray foggy day here in Long Island NY but spirits are high with the anticipation of one of our children’s sweet sixteen birthday this weekend. This morning I had to ask a neighbor for tea bags! You know things are tight when you have to do that! LOL

This morning’s cards I am studying and meditating on are the High Priestess, and the Empress of the Pagan Tarot deck.

The High Priestess- I love the imagery of this card. Rolling green hills support a full moon night sky. In the foreground we see a coven led by a women in a white robe while her coveners are dressed in darker robes. Beneath the moon is the silhouette of the Goddess appearing before them. For me this card is symbolic of my own journey toward my path as it was one of the first cards I drew when I bought the Raider-Waite deck back in the late 80’s when I first came to Witchcraft (I didn’t discover Wicca till years later).

My impressions of the card- intuition, psychic abilities, the Goddess, priestess, wisdom, artistic endeavors, a powerful connection with your own soul, awareness,

The second card today is the Empress- this card is so different from the traditional images of the Empress card, In this card we see a house, a garden in which three females are tending it. It is interesting to note that these three make up the Triple Goddess as there is a small child (Maiden), a young woman (Mother), and an elderly woman (Crone). In front of the window of the house is a rose garden with a Goddess statue among them. On the other window there is a chain link grate over the window and there is a porch with a table and a plant with a rocking chair.

This card has so much energy and symbolism! I also like the fact that the girls are wearing modern clothes lol

My impression of the card- family ties (mother to daughter), the passing of power, the Triple Goddess, maternal, peace and harmony, attunement, renewal, intelligence, self-sacrifice.

Till next time dear readers have a magickal day! Blessed Be! xoxox


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