Instruments of Destruction

The coming warmer weather really has me at a disadvantage. Somehow the twin’s summer clothes got mixed up in the bags of clothing being donated so now I have no summer clothes for them. Money is extremely tight here and with no funds coming in atm it seems I may do what I hate doing and cut down some shirts and pants for them.

Somehow in this time of renewal and hope I am always reminded with the budding flowers everywhere that the Goddess will provide for our needs. She always does.

I notice too how everyone seems to dress inappropriately for the season. Soon as it gets warm out everyone dons their shorts and doesn’t realize the weather this time of year is always unpredictable I don’t care where one lives. Here on Long Island in New York I can say we were fortunate enough not to have a bad winter like last year. It was pretty mild. If it snowed twice it was a lot and even then, it didn’t amount to much. For the past week the early morning has been so damn foggy which means summer is going to be brutal here. Always is when spring starts out like that.

If I didn’t know better I’d swear Mother Nature was on vacation but its not her fault. It’s ours. We cannot expect the ozone layer to stay stable with all the crap we put into the air. Seems that even the land is changing and washing away. We rape the earth like She will always be there, point is- eventually this whole global warming thing is going to come to a head and we will be victims to our own destruction. Even if we began making drastic changes now (which I know many people are contributing to rectify the situation), it will not be enough to shift the balance back.

Perhaps the Goddess did us a disservice by giving us free will and knowledge. I mean if we didn’t have the knowledge to evolve into a generation that relies solely on factories that breathe smoke into the air, if we hadn’t discovered coal, oil, gas, and petroleum. If we hadn’t dumped all our garbage onto the body of the Mother, if we hadn’t created chemicals that poison our air, or our water perhaps then we may have had a chance.

As a race I believe we are the stupidest of creatures. Why? Because in the grand scheme of things we forget that our greatest creations will be our undoing. We aren’t infallible. The Goddess will have Her way, Her vengeance, and when that day comes we will have no place to hide from Her wrath for what we’ve done.


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