Morning Thoughts- The Pagan Tarot Part 1

Good morning dear readers! I was supposed to do a card reading for someone in the complex the other night but he never showed up so now I’m studying a Tarot deck I acquired some time ago but haven’t really had a chance to work with. The Pagan Tarot. Working from the Major Arcana first the first the Fool. Yes sorry I don’t have pictures.

In this deck the Fool is depicted as a young woman in a white gown standing on stars against a black sky with her arms stretched forward. A white cat accompanies her at her feet.

This deck works more on an intuitive level so with that in mind I’ll share my impression on the card.

0 The Fool- beginnings, innocence, being fool hardy, unaware of danger (walking blindly into danger), discovering one’s path.

The second card The Magician depicts a young woman rather than a man kneeling on the ground with a book underneath one hand, the other raised in prayer, a pentacle tile leans against the book, there is an athame nearby stuck in the ground (as above so below) and a cauldron (representing rebirth), two bare gnarled trees entwine their branches over her head (duality) and a full moon is visible between the branches (the Goddess).

Traditionally the Magician represents skill and wisdom, One’s role in the community, learning, teaching etc…

My impression- intuition, skill and wisdom, finding one’s path, magickal roots. One’s role in the grand scheme of things, the bigger picture.

This will be a series of blogs; two cards a day. It’s a fascinating deck. The images depict a sense of realism instead of the flights of fancy like the Arthurian Legend deck, or Tarot of a Moon Garden (one of my first decks!). When I sat “realism” I mean the images depict people in real situations like work (using computers and sitting at a desk) or conjuring magickal energy to shopping for magickal wares.

So for now dear readers, have a blessed day till next time! xoxoxo


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