Learn to Manage Your Stress

In reading the book “a Thousand Paths to tranquility” by David Baird I ran across a passage that read, “Learn to manage your stress”. Then I sat in my chair and really thought about that statement.

As a busy mother of six kids ranging in age from 15, two 13 year olds (not twins lol), a 9 year old, and 3 year old twins, a wife, and mistress of the house I never seem to get a free moment to myself. Yea my stress levels are pretty high.

So now I’m going to be committed to making one change in my life; to find at least 3 minutes a day by MYSELF to simply let go of my stress. Ive often wondered how of course but then I thought more on the situation and ways we can reduce stress.

We can reduce stress in the following ways;

Journal Writing
Blogging (yea it helps!)
Breathing exercises
Taking a walk
Sex (yea this also help and keeps our s/o happy lol)
Gardening (there is something to be said about digging in the dirt that connects us with the Earth Mother and a satisfaction from growing plants)

I’m sure there are other ways so the thought of the day is also to find more ways to reduce stress in our lives and do it!


3 thoughts on “Learn to Manage Your Stress

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