Funeral for Fear

Funeral For Fear
A Ritual for Personal Growth and Healing

This ritual can be used to release addictions, or depression but should not be used (in the case of drug and alcohol addiction or mental disorders) without first seeking professional medical help. Remember, once you give a problem over to Divine, you cannot take it back or it will be 10 times worse then when the problem or situation first started.

You will need the following:

A good banishing incense and oil, a white altar cloth, a black altar cloth, 2 black candles, a work board (an old cutting board will work well), some modeling clay.

You will need good visualization skills as this ritual can get pretty intense. You may want to have a box of tissues nearby as well. At the time of the waning moon, decorate the altar with the white and black altar cloths (purity of thought and protection). Place the board on top. You will work the clay on the board. Having the board will make it easier to carry outside later in the ritual.

Cast circle and call the quarters according to your Tradition. Cleanse, charge, and consecrate all tools. Take the clay and model a vision of the fear (or addiction). Take as much time as you need for this. It is ok to cry and crying is healing for the soul. Most times this model will be a statue of a monster, just go with it. If you look the monster in the face, you will gain power over it.

While modeling the clay, keep breathing steadily and say:

“I name thee _____ and you have no power over me.”

When you are finished, light the candles and say:

“The funeral of fear has begun.”

Light the incense and say:

“I light this incense to banish all dark shadows surrounding me.”

Quietly meditate now on that which you fear and/or why you cannot conquer your fear/addiction. Be truthful with yourself. Take as much time as you need. When you are ready, take a deep cleansing breath, and release it.

Begin chanting:

Now is the time, now is the hour
Mine is the magick, mine is the power.”

As you are chanting, take up the vial of oil and pour a little of it onto your hands, rubbing your hands together. Call on Hecate (or a Crone Goddess of your choice), asking Her to bless your work. Say as you anoint your creation with oil:

“Hecate, Goddess of Wisdom
Goddess of the darkest night
Here is my ______, I put now to flight
My fear (addiction, problem) is _____
Contained in this clay, never more getting in my way.
I put it in your capable hands
I release myself from its bands
And replace it with peace and joy!”

Open circle so that you may take the clay (leave it on the board and take the whole thing with you) outside. Put it on the ground (if you have nosy neighbors you might want to find a private spot in the woods or a field) chanting:

“You are _____
You have no power over me!
I release you to _____!”

Destroy the image. Stomp on it, crush it underfoot. Keep chanting and stomping on it until your energy is spent. Go back to the altar lighting a white candle to thank the Goddess for taking it from you. Dismiss and open circle.

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