Spring Has Arrived!

Wow what a glorious day here in New York! My daffodils are in bloom, the mugwort, catnip, chamomile, and mums are coming back its just so glorious! I brought the twins outside today! They loved it. They tried to help me weed the garden and rake up the garbage from it. Sad part of living in an apartment complex is that people just throw their trash on the ground so it ends up blown all over my lawn.

I planted some crocus bulbs that I forgot to d0 last September, I’m hoping finances will improve so I can get tulips and perhaps some tomat plants before summer.

Amber and Crystal are still outside  now playing with their older brothers. Its so fun watching them all view the world through their eyes. The boys are 13, and 9, the twins are 3 so its all so fascinating to me to watch them.

I feel Kore…I see Her.  She is in the delightful spring breeze, my childrens’ laughter, the budding flower. From my home to yours I wish you a blessed Spring! Lots of love and hugs…till next time dear readers! Blessed Be! xoxox


9 thoughts on “Spring Has Arrived!

  1. Blessed Spring to you and yours, love. What a lovely entry. Yes I certainly feel Kores touch all around. In fact, as I was going for my morning walk, amongst all the dead weeds and bramble along the side of the road, there were two little bunches of daffodils growing through the debris. It made me feel this essence of renewal and hope. ^_^


    • Its wonderful! That is what spring brings my dear- renewal and hope; that no matter what hand we are dealt spring is life’s continual promise that it will be renewed!

      Incidently after looking at my blog and fiddling with the dashboard this background does not allow for other pages..so guess I’ll go back to the one I had if I can remember what it was! Blessed Be! xoxox


      • ^_^ Tee hee I guess I will change my layout too then because I want to add separate pages as well. Blessed be, dear! ❤


      • Morning sunshine! I seem to be having technical issues with changing the background. Everytime I click to change it the arrow for the cursor disappears and I get what looks like a printed captial i its just so weird. Im gonna try again Im thinking its because my browser is ie8 and out of date but my puter doesnt support the newer versions or windows 7 so eh damn…Im working on it. I was considering putting you on my blog as a second perhaps if someone I trusted had access they may be able to fix it. ANyway Im gonna work on a new blog today soon as I get the twins to settle down for a while. Much love! xoxox


      • awww I would totally love to help you out but I don’t get access to the computer all that much, usually I go online through my game system lol haha. But yeah if you do have any difficulties I could try to work on it later on tonight ^_^ Cant wait to read your new blog!


      • OMG! I figured it out! If you go to appearance-menus you can set up pages using this background! It unfortunately only supports one menu but whatever. Its more a matter of checking out all the links in the dashboard.

        Anyway yea so I’m currently working on the blog lol and it should be up by this afternoon. Thanks dear sister! xoxox


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