What Magick Is and What It Isn’t

What Magick Is and What It Isn’t

Everyone will have their own thoughts on this topic so I can only give you my views on what magick is and what it isn’t. Hollywood has done its share to discredit not only Witchcraft; but Wicca, Paganism and other earth-based practices as well.

Magick is as I’m sure a lot of you know is all around us. I don’t just mean by way of the spells we cast. I mean it’s in the morning dew on the roses; it’s in the full moon on a cold winter’s night, a baby’s laugh, and the lover’s embrace. It’s in everything, and everyone.

Magick is energy; pure and simple. It is like a call you send out to the universe to achieve the end result as desired (for example; a new job, to bring clarity to a situation, etc). It sure as heck doesn’t go poof if you do it wrong, although spells do and can backfire (for example love spells have a have a habit of backfiring like in you cast a spell for that purpose and you end up with an extremely jealous person).

There are no bells, no fan fare. Magick can be so subtle we sometimes don’t even notice.

Because of the discredit Hollywood has done to Witchcraft and Magick I’m sure you already have an idea of what its not. Sure I’d like to be Piper and freeze the scene when things just get hairy but magick doesn’t work that way anymore than some demon called Abraxas comes out of no where and steals my Book of Shadows.

My dear friend Jennifer Pennington of PA says; “(Magick is) the art of manipulation of energy using one’s very own mind to create change either within or outside ourselves. Magick is not a toy or like it is displayed in movies.”

She also says you cant just poof someone out of your life. True. Sure we can banish them, but they wont suddenly disappear to Timbuktu.

As my friend Megan Hargrave says; “Magick is everything, I don’t know any other way to describe it.

So there are some varying opinions on what magick is and what it isn’t. Maybe it sounds simple and silly to some but that doesn’t really matter does it? What matters is what a person feels in their hearts; which in and of itself is…magick!


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