Kore Emerges

Kore Emerges- A Spring Equinox Story
By Rev. Morgan

Deep the earth where no mortal person can travel, Hecate, the Goddess of Death peered into Her sacred cauldron and saw the earth beginning to change. Young plants were peeking up from the ground. She closed Her eyes for just a moment. It was time.

She beckoned Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld (it had been Helios, the God of the Sun who saw Her be taken by Hades, Lord of the Underworld and it was Hades who offered Her the pomegranate seeds to eat).

Persephone turned, Her skin white as alabaster, Her eyes were dark as the grave. Even Her touch was cold as ice. She nodded Her dark head and turned to Hades.

“I will return in due course, Husband.” She said, Her tone was slow and without feeling. She followed Hecate down the long corridor towards the light. Faintly they could hear a chant; Kore! Kore! Kore!

At the end of the corridor, was a large cave that led to the surface. A large stone blocked the way. Hecate kissed Persephone’s brow and Her ghostly appearance faded to reveal a beauty hidden within. Kore turned from Hecate and walked through the portal. Her hair was golden, Her chinks and lips were pink. Even Her skin was warm to the touch. Kore stood at the portal and smiled.

Demeter, Kore’s Mother, ran forward to embrace Her daughter. Her guise as the Crone Goddess melted away. Her face etched with lines became smooth, Her white hair became auburn, and Her gray eyes became green like new leaves. Her tattered robes became robes of bright green and lavender.

Flowers bloomed suddenly on the hill, and everywhere they stepped. The sound of birds filled the air. Trees burst forth with new green leaves.

As the pair walked the hill, they heard the sounds of laughter. They heard chanting of the name Kore and for Spring to return to the land. They came to the top of the hill and Demeter stepped aside. Kore closed Her eyes, then opened them appearing before the people gathered below the hill.

“Look! Atop the hill!” A voice called out. All eyes turned to the hill and the chanting ceased.
“Blessed Maiden! Will You speak to us?” Someone asked.
Kore stood, Her bright green, yellow, and pink robes billowing in the breeze. She raised Her arms and the birds gathered to Her singing.
“I have returned! As Death brings Rebirth in the passing seasons, so shall Death bring Rebirth in your own seasons. Put away your fears! Winter is over and Spring has come yet again!”

The people began to dance and sing. Kore and Demeter left the scene to enjoy their reunion. Blessed Be Kore!


2 thoughts on “Kore Emerges

  1. Usually I do not learn post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to check out and do it! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, quite nice article.


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