Some Enchanted Evening

While having some tea with Jim the other night on our front porch I started thinking. The moon was out in all her silver splendor, Venus was beginning her descent into the western sky, Jupiter above her, and Orion right above where I was standing. Clouds were illuminated by the moon’s light and looked like silver streaks across the sky. It was all so enchanting; like real steal your breath away enchanting.

So I’m standing there looking up at the night sky and I remarked to Jim “I don’t remember where I heard it but it’d be a big waste of space if we were the only ones in it. I mean besides divinity.” He laughed.

Then I really thought about it- if Christianity is only what? 2-3,000 years old, then where did the ancients before Christ come from if he so created everything?

Yes I am aware of the story in the bible that God created the world and everything in seven days etc etc…really…but why would a god only create one planet that could support life?

The Greek Philosopher Plato often wrote of an island called Atlantis that sunk under the sea during an earthquake and said that they were an advanced civilization, but were these facts because Plato had been there or just the wild imaginings of a brilliant mind? Hard to say.

Other scholars theorize that the Atlanteans came from the stars, how else were they so advanced in medicine, war, art, agriculture?

Do I believe there is life up there? I’d say its possible. We don’t know. We can only travel within our own solar system right? So who’s to say what else lies beyond it.

As a small child round the age of 8 or so I was sitting up in bed looking out my bedroom window when I was supposed to be sleeping and I saw something floating around above my neighbor’s house. It was oblong and glowing white. It made no sound as I could tell, and while I was watching it it just took off and completely disappeared. Ghost? Phantom? Gas bubble? Balloon? Who knows…entirely possible it was an alien craft from beyond our galaxy? Sure it is.

Why? Because all things are possible.
Until next time dear readers, Blessed Be! xoxox


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