pay me spell

Honey Jar Spell To Get Child Support


1 jar with screw on lid
Pay Me Herb bundle- cinnamon, galangal, allspice, calamus, and licorice root
1 green candle
a piece of paper
1 small bowl

Gather all supplies. Charge, cleanse, and consecrate all materials. Take the piece of paper and write the offending party’s name on it. Hold your hands over the paper and say-

“I link this paper to _____
I ask the powers that be
To empower this spell.”

Put the paper in the jar and pour some honey over the paper. Take the herbs and put them in the bowl. Hold your hands over the herbs and say-

“Herbs of earth
Lend your energies
I charge you with light!”

Light the candle and repeat the above while passing the candle over the bowl of herbs.

Pour the herbs into the jar with the paper and the honey and screw the lid on tight.

“By paper, herbs and sweet honey
____ pay me the money!”

Chant this 9 times and seal the spell. Put the jar in a cool dark place until spell is successful.

Just a rough draft.


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