Morning Thoughts- Where Did We Go Wrong?

Where did we go wrong? *Shakes head* An Iowa bill wants to silence animal cruelty?

I’m sorry but this is too much! So according to the new bill…reporting animal cruelty will cost a whopping “footage with fines of up to $7,500 and up to five years in prison.” WTF? Are they kidding?

There was a similiar bill in Florida!?

These bills violate the whole freedom of speech clause in the US Constitution…if we allow them to pass…what does that say about us as Americans? What does it say for the future of animals everywhere who have no voice who will be abused, tortured, and ultimately killed because people see them as not living, breathing LIFE but merely animals, and therefore…expendable. Gods, please save us from such a day.

These poor animals have no voice outside of us…they cannot speak our language…they cannot cry out for help when they’re in pain. Its up to us to stand up and stop this madness. Please spread the word by signing these petitions not to let these bills be passed into law.

Till next time dear readers…Blessed Be.


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