Morning Thoughts- From the Seat of the Soul

In his book, Thoughts from the Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav page 91 it says “The challenge to, each human is creation. Will you create with reverence, or neglect?”

I think its easy to see what humankind has created. Poverty, famine, pollution, the list does go on. These issues have been going on for generations and we are no more closer to an answer to solve these issue then we were a decade ago.  We do not have the knowledge necessary to rise above our basic human instinct and solve the issues that threaten not only our race on the earth, but our very lives on it.

Of course the Goddess, and all the powers that be gave it to us, but we fell away from our creator…we allowed ourselves to fall away with our pride, our spitefulness, our jealousy…not of our creator; but of each other.

I see it now more than ever with the rise of animal abuse, domestic violence, the disturbing patterns of weather patterns around the world..even the more disturbing events in the Middle East. We see it every day but we do nothing. We’re too afraid to. 

Our Goddess did not create us to destroy ourselves. She created us for Her glory, to edify Her and the God. So why then have we become such base creatures no longer in Her care? Of course we are always in Her care, she loves us unconditionally but we are too wrapped up in ourselves to contemplate such deep thoughts! Our selfish pride, works of neglect on the earth itself keeps us from seeing the bigger picture…we destory we spend the next century trying to fix it only to fail.

The book also says on page 96 “When you seek to dominate another you dominate no one but disempower yourself.” Somehow I thought of our goverment when I read that. I mean really havent they done enough harm instead of being for the country and its people they are only after how much gold they can line their pockets with and how much power they can gain? For shame! What about the rest of us?

Truly I believe our foremothers and fathers had the right idea when they started out…power corrupts absolutely. We are now paying the price for not only their greed, but the greed of a world gone mad. We created neglect, not reverence. We can try to fix it, but we can only do it as one world, not separate nations of a world.

Till next time. Blessed Be.


One thought on “Morning Thoughts- From the Seat of the Soul

  1. Everyone has their own agenda nowadays, Morgs. Lack of faith in any God and lack of spirituality in the hearts of men and women is leading us, as a world, down the path toward dooming this civilization. We (as a nation and a world) are demonizing all kinds of peaceful religions and encouraging those that bring strife and cruelty to the forefront. I am worried for this world and the fact that my kids are going to be living in this mess it has become. I pray every night to the Goddess that we can all survive through the coming hard times with strength, grace and her blessings.


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