Evening Thoughts- The Ego Trips of Others


  Today was interesting. I had joined this website the other day..at the request of a local friend. So I did. Well after a few days, someone got it into her head that she would chide me for about two blog posts I had written. One was request by a member from reading a prior post. The other she had the nerve to cover the do’s and dont’s of the ritual I had shared because it worked so well for me and others I had shared it with before. Not realizing of course (or if she did she just didnt give a damn), that Ive been doing this for over 20 years and I know my stuff so Im certainly no newbie, and I’m also 43 years old!

I have nothing against moderators, or administration on any website I have ever belonged to but just because you are one doesnt mean you have to act like you’re all that. Please people! If you’re going to chide someone have the fortitude to do it in private and not where everyone else can see it.

I tried talking to one of the head mods there about it and frankly he was so rude! He saw nothing wrong with what she said to me…I mean really one post in my blog was about a lesson plan for children as per another member’s request…so she had the nerve to tell me not to teach the Craft to minors on their site or in my own life without the sole permission of their parents! Im sorry but do I look or sound like that much of an inexperienced Witch or mother? Why on earth would I do that? The woman asked me for the lesson plan for her own children!

He then said I was being judgemental. I was like excuse me? She chides  me  like a kid, over a post…and Im being judgemental?  Dude, excuse me! You are supposed to be neutral! Oh yes of cours, I’m new to the site so naturally I am…whatever the word is Im looking for. Suffice to say I just left the site and pulled all my stuff down…I was like wow thats just way rude.

I realize its the internet and not  everyone is going to agree..thats fine…we’re all entitled to our own opinions but when you run a site and you’re a mod…you cant take sides…you cant pick favorites, you dont have “cliques” this isnt jr high school people! One thing I so cant deal with whether online or in real life is the ego trips of others!


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