Afternoon Thoughts- My Truth About Witchcraft

“True magic is neither black nor white. It’s both because nature is both, loving and cruel, all at the same time. The only good or bad is in the heart of the witch. Life gives a balance of it’s own.” The Craft.

One of the best lines in any movie Hollywood put out on Witchcraft. People often ridicule me for being Eclectic Wiccan and personalizing the Rede to suit my own needs. Let me explain why. Because I do not buy into the whole Christianized model of ultimate evil, satan, devil, etc. Those are Christian concepts…which I am not one. I dont believe in harming living creatures human or otherwise without provible (not sure of the spelling there sorry) cause. In other words; not intentionally.

I mean lets just say for example someone broke into my home with a gun…all the magick in the world is not going to protect me from getting shot…sure I can mumble a spell of protection and pray like hell it all works out in my favor but when it comes to reality…and for the sake of my family…you bet I will do what I can to make sure that crazy looney tunes doesnt hurt us. If that means risking my own life, or having to in self defense manage to get that gun away from the intruder then so be it. Anyone worth their salt will do the same thing. Self presvation does make people somehow become smarter.

Witchcraft isnt just about spells, working on making the world a better place…its not always about love, peace, and harmony. Sometimes its about knowing when, where, how, when to utilize the natural gifts which includes self-defense, intuition, self-preservation…things that others would call “dark gifts”.

Magick in and of itself isnt black or white. Human beings are such limited creatures because everything has to have a label on it…like a can of soup. Campell’s had nothing to do with it. Magick is just that…magick. Sometimes you see it clearly, sometimes you cant…sometimes its raw, sometimes its dark and mysterious…just like the natural world around us.

There’s no bells, no fanfare, no *poof* and suddenly you’re fabulously wealthy…Sure I’d love to be Phoebe from Charmed….who wouldnt? But in reality its so much more subtle…Sure the Goddess slaps us on the head when She needs to and that itself is magick…but have you ever had something just appeared out of no where as the result of some spell? My guess would be no…

Magick is so simple that even a 2 year old can conjure! Ever hear a kid repeat something over and over till its repetitive? Exactly! They are naturally born chanters…Yes dear readers those are the true magick makers…pure, simple, and totally unemcumbered by the adult world….you know, bills, parenting, etc….

The only evil dear readers, is that ignorance breeds ignorance….and thus unenlightenment.

Till next time dear readers, Blessed Be! xoxox


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