New Moon Ritual

The altar is decorated in white. Two candles, white and black are set in their holders. Cast circle and call the quarters according to your Tradition.

“Dark dark, everything is dark. We cannot see the moon this night but we know She is there. This is the time when darkness becomes light. Hecate becomes Diana, so it is also a time of endings, it is also a time of beginnings.”

Light the black candle saying:

“O Mighty Hecate, I have come this night to honor thy presence, and to give thanks for thy gifts and blessings of wisdom. Be with me still as I move ever onward in my life seeking knowledge. Now I must say Blessed Be till next we meet. Hail Hecate!”

Snuff out the black candle and light the white candle saying;

“Dark dark, everything is dark, but soon I shall see the moon in Her silver robe. This is the time of birth and beginnings. The light grows strong. This is the time of Diana, the Virgin Huntress.
Mighty Diana, I have come this night to honor thy presence and to give thanks for thy gifts and blessings of power and strength.”

Bring forth the Chalice filled with equal parts of water and wine (or red or white grape juice in place of the wine). Dip your fingers in and say;

“Bless me Maiden (Touching forehead) now and forever
Blessed Be my eyes, that I may see thy path (touching eyelids)
Blessed Be my nose, that I may breath thy essence (touching nose)
Blessed Be my lips that I may speak of thee (touching lips)
Blessed Be my heart, that I may be faithful in thy works (touching breast)
Blessed Be my (loins) womb, that creates new life as You have brought forth from the universe (touching womb or loins)
Blessed Be my feet, that I may ever walk in thy ways (touching feet)”

“Radiant Princess of the Sky
Thou shining Cup of Splendor
Diana, whose silver arrows fly
Wax strong O Maiden and soon but soon
I’ll feel the waves of joy rise
As I lift to the ever-changing moon
My ever changing eyes!”

Complete now any divination or spell work. Raise energy. When you are ready say;

“And so I have seen that the Goddess who had entered the Kingdom of Death, has been reborn once more. Let me now give thanks and praise with cakes and ale as I see that She is both darksome and divine, old yet ever young!”

Farewell, dismiss, open circle.

** Complied from a variety of sources, and some pieces are my own work**


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