Morning Thoughts- Random Stupid Emails

“How would I go about becoming ordained as a priestess? I would really like to do that, I am almost 17 so I figure it wont be to far with my age”

This appeared in an email to me. I was discussing it with a friend of mine, and we both agreed on the same point. We dislike questions like these because it gives us the impression that the question is not being asked because they feel a calling but rather they think that it would be “really really neat”.

I say, give me a shout in about 20 years after you learned the ins and outs of Wicca, or your chosen path, and then we will talk. Learning Wicca is not a fly by night spout out a few lyrics in a spell and be on your way.

It takes not days, weeks, or months, it takes YEARS of study and practice, and even then some people are just not ready for Priesthood. I know this answer seems to be blunt and rather short but too many people play along just because its cool then we get the local 19 year old claiming to be a 3rd Degree HPs and spouting stuff she truly doesn’t have the foggiest notion or the comprehension of. Makes me want to smack reality into them.

I worked for years to get where I am today. In most Circles, I am not considered HPs (for all their blather about coven training) but I believe my experience speaks unto itself. Because I’m a Solitary Witch and mostly practice with my significant other, and the children…I am their High Priestess. I was Ordained, in 2005, and I believe I have a calling to be so. My Ministry focuses on women of Domestic Violence (even people from Earth-Based Religions are not immune to being victims of such things).

How did I get here? Wasn’t easy, I cannot tell you all the countless sleepless hours pouring over books, writing, studying, and practicing. Learning to put what I practiced into real life….I have the callous on my finger to prove all the writing I have done over the years. I didnt have a teacher, or a coven at the time. Being self-taught doesnt make one any less legitimate.

It takes many years to learn, and even then, we still don’t know everything. Some people never complete the training, some people never receive a calling…. some folk never make it past the first book…and even some more never make it out of the broom closet.

The point is, if you have a calling then by all means set forth you course to the Priesthood, but if you’re in it just because its cool, be warned that the Goddess and Gods will not take that too kindly and They will put you in your place.

Remember, nothing is learned in a day… Blessed Be. xoxoxox


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