Gaia~The Earth Mother of Today

Im not sure  if  this is  my work or someone elses. Found it my BOS, it  was a class a taught many years ago.

Gaia– The Earth Mother Goddess of Today

It is no coincidence that the twentieth century returns to the Greek mind to formulate the experience that the early Greeks already knew of Gaia. For in the West the last Goddess of the Earth was Gaia, and although in classical mythology, the Goddess no longer held status of the supreme mother of all living as she did in Minoan, Sumerian, and Neolithic times, earth remained, even in philosophy, a living being.
This consciousness that was to be lost with Judeo-Christian heritage, which can be seen most obviously in the way in which we treat the earth as if ‘it’ were dead matter. Less obvious, but none less crucial, is the fact that Mary, the unrecognized Mother Goddess of the Christian church, has formally acquired all the attributes of the old Mother Goddess except that of Goddess of the Earth.
In the Homeric hymn, Gaia is still invoked as ‘Mother of All’, but She has also become the ‘Bride of Starry Heaven’, and no mention is made of the fact that in other myths Ouranos, Heaven, was once Her child, as was everyone else whom She brought forth from Herself.
Although She becomes subject to the laws of Zeus, in practice Her oracles were persistently consulted through Her priestesses, sitting in the hot sun beside cracks in the earth. The later gods of Delphi- Dionysos, Apollo, and Poseidon- never forgot that She was just ‘there’ first.
Today, many Pagans, and Wiccans do honor Gaia as the Earth Mother and move to educate others about Her and Her gifts She has given us. We seek to protect Her body from the ravages of pollution, war, deforestation, etc.

Your project- Recycle, find new ways to use jars and bottles. Get a box of Sculpty (its available at most craft shops for $8.00). Sculpt your image of Gaia. In a cast circle, cleanse, charge and consecrate this image to be used in meditation, ritual work, or whatever you wish the image to be.


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