30 Days Minimum Notice Required

Interfaith Clergy Services requires a 30 day minimum notification of any services we provide. Why? Because we want you to have the best on your special day. We will not officiate weddings with only 24 hour notice.

If you have questions please call us at 631-258-1559 or email at interfaithclergyservices@gmail.com


Sample Wedding Prayer (Mentions God)

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For those who stand on the precipice of new life together, we pray, O Lord.  When two people who love each other plan for their future, we know their hearts are full and their spirits soaring.  They look over the edge and prepare to jump…into the unknown.  Of course, each moment before us is the unknown, isn’t it?  We all jump into an abyss with every passing moment, every passing day.  Life’s a risk.  Commitment to a life together is a risk.  It’s a risk of heart, soul, and even body; yet it is a risk worth taking.  Without risk, what would life be?  Lord, be with those who will be standing together before all their friends and family, making declarations of love and promises of faithfulness tomorrow.  Be with those who wake up each day and make a new commitment to their loved one.  Walk with those who hope, one day, to stand on the precipice themselves.  Help them, help us all…to jump!


Brides On A Budget!

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Here at Interfaith Clergy Services not only do we want to create the most glorious wedding ceremony your friends and family will be talking about long after your honeymoon is over, BUT we also want to inspire you with the most interesting, and most affordable wedding ideas for your big day. This category is a result of that, and you can also hit the tags for additional blog posts.

Planning a wedding can be costly. From the wedding gown, the tux, flowers, food, reception, it all costs a fortune these days. This is not big news to you I’m sure. I’ve been to weddings over the years that went into the $20,000s and up. Personally; I think a wise couple just starting out can make it just as romantic, and wonderful for less.

When I married my daughter’s father 21 years ago my mother in law made my veil! Just to give you one example.

Below are some other ideas geared to make your wedding great, but not burn a hole in your groom’s wallet LOL

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Dont you love wedding arches? I do too, one place I love to frequent is Michael’s Craft Store! I can get lost for hours just wandering around aimlessly. Click on the above photo to go to their website and check out there wedding section. There you can get hundreds of ideas for designing your own wedding arch for less than you would pay if you had it done professionally, and you get the added bonus of customizing to you and the over all theme to your wedding party.

Weddings favors got you down? Then check out Oriental Trading! They are stocked with hundreds of little ideas for the bride on a budget for less than you would expect. Click the pic to go to their page. I love the two heart bag myself, and you can fill them with candy hearts, chocolate kisses, and those fabulous sugared almonds, with perhaps a small votive candle as a wedding keepsake.

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Know someone who is good with calligraphy? Take advantage of that! Get some invitation card stock and design your own using DIY print pads also available at Michael’s, custom design your own stationary! Click the link for more!


I always wanted to officiant a wedding on the beach! The nice thing is you can totally have the reception right there too! Barbecue some chicken, ribs, and serve potato salad and beer! No kidding! Make sure your guests bring their swimsuits and set up a small tent for changing! This especially works for those who are outdoorsy and love the beach! The trick is that its YOUR wedding, and being a modern bride you can do it any way you want to

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You can even have a friend or family member (if everyone in your wedding party LOVES their cooking) cater your entire wedding reception. I would want my current husband to cater ours LOL because he does make an AWESOME pasta sauce, well he is Italian after all lol.

And how charming would a summer picnic by a pond sound to you? Set up some blankets, grab some coolers for ice, some decorative laterns, and serve pink lemon-aid and fried chicken!

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The only limit to a wedding is your imagination!

Its as individual as you are.

So whether you want it bling and glamour, simple and elegant, or even outdoorsy in the woods for a picnic your wedding is ultimately YOU.

Above all, make it fun!

Many Blessings on your special day!

Scottish Wedding Ceremonies


Scottish wedding traditions are full of folklore, romance and very strange practices, some interesting, funny, pointless or might have serious moral lessons. Their tradition is beautiful full occasioned with nice outfits, ethnic music and scrumptious meals, but you can find some really weird traditions in certain areas of the island.

Some interesting traditions involve the blackening of bride and groom, the long reel dance, the wedding scramble; the six pence, traditional gift, Creeling and the brides cog.

.The blackening of the bride

The blackening of the bride is a marriage rite practiced in certain area of Scotland, the act of covering both bride and groom in flour, nasty soot and other unsavory stuff. The reasoning behind emptying bucket loads of mud and dirt dates back to superstitious beliefs that the muck wards of evil spirits.

The major areas that still have this ancient practice include Angus, Fife and parts of Aberdeen shire.

The brides Cog

You know how Scottish people love their ale; Orcadian weddings have cogs of ale as part of the wedding ceremony. Which is usually a mixture of strong alcohol, sugar, mints, gin, pepper, brandy and other alcoholic brands?

The tradition of Creeling is cutting the ties that hold a basket by the newly wed this belief is to attract good fortune, good health and prosperity. Some grooms even have their feet smeared with grease, soot and ash while the brides are washed with water on the feet washing ceremony.

Hindu Wedding Ideas


Hindu wedding

The Hindu wedding ceremony is basically a transition from being single to being a married couple; the ceremony encompasses various stages in the life of the couple from the first meeting to the marriage. A typical Hindu wedding ceremony is done in an ancient language/scripture preserved for holy ceremonies known as the Sanskrit.

The Buddhist Sanskrit is common in south East Asia and India which can be traced far back as 1500 BCE, the earlier form of the lndo- European language is the Vedic Sanskrit. Being a primary language of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism it is generally used in important ceremonies and rituals.

One of the most important ceremonies is the Hindu marriage ceremony which is celebrated with grandeur, exciting décor, lots of floral arrangements and revelry. No two wedding ceremonies are the same because apart from the Sanskrit language and scriptures used some of the ceremony is performed in the dialect of that particular region or people.

Despite this small difference the major tenants of the traditional ceremony are strictly adhered to giving the occasion a uniform structure. The wedding ceremony has its origin in a folklore love story of chivalry and honor about a man Ashninikumer after winning a chariot race and was given Surya as a bride by the father Savita.

The wedding ceremony could be done within a day or several days and even running to a week depending on the resources available, social standing and custom of the region. Most Hindu marriages are financed by the bride’s parents while the groom and his family are guests.

The ceremony has certain stages that should be strictly followed before the marriage is officially concluded and each stage has its provisions.

Different kinds of Hindu weddings ceremonies

There are about eight types of Hindu weddings according to the Manusmriti an ancient Hindu text, this include the Brahmana, the Daiva (daughter given to a priest), Rishis, Prajapati, Asuras, Gandharva, Rakshasa, and Pisaka. Hindu marriages are usually referred to as vivaah while vivaah sanskar has to do with the wedding ceremony, listed below are some Hindu wedding arrangements.

  • Prajapahya. This type of wedding ceremony consists of an agreed consent to wed including an exchange of wedding vows between the bride and groom.
  • Two types of marriages in ancient Hindu are the Rakshasa and Paishacha which are total abolished in today’s India. The Rakshasa marriage is wrong and illegal because the groom forcefully abducts a woman despite opposition to the union. Another forbidden marriage act that is against the law is Paishacha which is akin to unsolicited forceful knowledge of a woman.
  • Braham marriage. Braham marriage is the most common type of Hindu marriage ceremony; the father finds a suitable panther for his daughter. After proposing marriage both families meet to discus the modalities of the marriage. In this arrangement it is the duty of the father to betroth his daughter to the groom usually in a grand ceremony.
  • Daiva marriage is an ancient practice whereby a sacrificial fee is replaced by the offer of a bride by the father.
  • Arsha marriage is like a dowry system and a vowed obligation to the woman’s parents where gifts or livestock is offered to a father n exchange for his daughters hand on marriage. Asura is also a dowry based system that has to do with financial gain on the part of the father of the bride. Although the practice is common it is not favorably accepted because of the greed factor.
  • Gandharva marriage has to do with a cohabiting couple then decide to marry without subjecting themselves to any Hindu ceremony. They might opt for the customary court and get married under customary law.

Sample Wedding Script


Short, and sweet, or long and romantic

We can tailor our ceremonies exactly the way you want to be!

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Looking for a sample wedding script? You’ve come to the right place. Performing a wedding may seem like a daunting task, especially for first-timers. This article was written in hopes of helping out any and all first time officiants for more traditional weddings. With that said, I’ve laid out explanations of some key portions of a basic wedding for you. This includes:

  • The wedding procession (the bride’s entrance)
  • The officiant’s welcome speech
  • Giving away the bride
  • The wedding reading
  • Exchanging vows
  • Exchanging rings
  • The unity ceremony
  • Declaration and the closing

You can follow the suggestions below or you can use this article merely as a guide or an inspiration. Feel free to modify by adding or omitting anything as you like.

The Wedding Procession

The wedding procession (in other words, the bride’s entrance) is a very important part of the ceremony. It should play out like a grand event.

  • When the music begins, the mothers of the bride and groom are escorted to their seats by a brother or a close family friend.
  • The officiant enters by a side door with the groom and the best man.
  • Groomsmen will enter by the same or another side door escorting the bridesmaids.
  • After that, the ring bearer(s) may enter.
  • The maid or matron of honor’s turn to enter comes after that.
  • Last, but not least, the bride should then enter with her father or uncle.

The Officiant’s Welcome Speech

After the processional, everyone then takes their seat. Then, the officiant takes over and welcomes the guests and the wedding party with a speech, which can include whatever you find appropriate. Some examples can be found below:

  • “Welcome, everyone. We have been chosen to witness this very special moment in (Bride) and (Groom)’s life. They are going to be united by the Holy bond of marriage. This special moment will remain intact in the memory of the (Bride) and (Groom) forever. It will also be engraved in our memory.“
  • “To all present: Welcome. We have all gathered here to witness the union of (Bride) and (Groom) in marriage. We are also here to be a part of this new family. Family is one of the most important things in the world—it’s nothing without love and relationship. With that said, I’m sure we’re all very eager to proceed with the wedding ceremony that will join this new family. So without further ado, let my speech end here and let us carry on with the ceremony.”
  • “Ladies and gentleman, friends and family of the bride and groom. Thank you on behalf of (Bride) and (Groom) in taking out a part of your busy lives to grace them with your presence on this very special day, the day their wedding. Without you all here, this event would not be as successful and memorable as it has been so far. Your presence and warm participation in this wedding ceremony will make this event a great one as (Bride) and (Groom) begin their new life together as husband and wife.”